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Montana Rescue Mission flooding aftermath

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Damage assessment is underway at the Montana Rescue Mission men's shelter following a water main break Saturday that poured two million gallons of water into the building's basement.

The big question is whether the stability of the building has been compromised.

Denise Smith, MRM's Public Relations Director, says the building is extremely old, and was built on sandstone foundation.

"In the late 1800's early 1900's our Saving Grace is at the men's shelter building was actually built in 1949 so the engineering and the everything for the men's shelter is completely different from the other building," she said.

18 inches of water filled the basement.

MRM is looking for volunteers to sign up for their big "Call to Action" that's taking place Wednesday. They're going to be moving all the things they can salvage to other locations. Then, on Saturday, they'll be having a huge garage sale. 

If you're interested in helping, call 258-3800.

The men's shelter at the Montana rescue mission flooded early this morning, causing both water and electricity to the building to be shut off.

Male shelter guests will be temporarily housed in the administration office located across the street from the shelter.

This emergency situation has closed down the Montana rescue mission public meal program until further notice.

M-r-m is asking for the public’s help in providing hot, ready to serve meals for shelter guests. 

MRM is also looking for cold foods, such as sandwiches, fried chicken, salads and water.

Food services of America has donated the use of a freezer and refrigeration truck for storing food.

In the upcoming week, along with meal assistance, MRM is going to be in need of a large number of volunteers to assist with clean up.

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