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Black Lives Matter "Day Of Action" demonstration in Billings

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Black Lives Matter has been a hash tag and a movement that's made it's way across the world. Many are still hurting from the recent losses of unarmed black men who were killed by police officers. 

The Black Lives Matter movement declared today as the national "Day of Action" to help raise awareness in our communities.

"I'd say all lives matter when black lives matter," coordinator of Billings demonstration, Sonia Davis said.

Our own community, even with less than one-percent of African-Americans in the Treasure State, came together for a gathering of peaceful solidarity. Sonia Davis says she felt inspired to put together this demonstration and join 80 other demonstrations across the nation today.

"When somebody's telling you that they're in pain, you don't question why. You don't look at their motives. You don't ask for their background. You don't ask to see what happened before. They were hurt if somebody's telling you they're hurting to just come to their aid," she said.

Many who are opposed to the violence happening in communities with minorities came to be more voices behind the movement.

Karen Baumgart, who attended the demonstration, says it's important to stand up for Civil Rights for everyone.

"I don't think it's even about African-Americans, I think it's about all lives. It's Civil Rights, not just necessarily black lives. Like, how do we make sure we are all on an even playing field and we support every body," Baumgart said.

Davis says today's demonstration is a symbolic gesture and to show no one is alone.

"Nobody is born racist. We were taught to be this way, unfortunately, but we can re-teach ourselves to think in another way," Davis said.