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Lava Mountain Fire 90 percent contained

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DUBOIS, Wyo. -

UPDATE: (Friday Evening)

The Lava Mountain Fire near Dubois is 90 percent contained. 415 personnel are fighting the fire, which is 14,579 acres.

Crews are fighting the flames from the ground and the air.

The U.S. Forest Service - Shoshone National Forest posted several pictures on its Facebook page this week showing posters residents made supporting firefighters.

Great Basin Team #2, the team managing the Lava Mountain Fire, wrote Wednesday, "Today we had an opportunity to take some wonderful pictures of all of the support the firefighters have received from the town of Dubois and surrounding communities. It's wonderful to see all of the support in this community. Dubois is truly a special place to fight fire. Thank you for all of your support!"

UPDATE: (Thursday Afternoon)

Firefighters continue to make progress on the Lava Mountain Fire burning near Dubois.

The management team said the fire is 60 percent contained. 642 personnel are fighting the flames, which have burned 14,471 acres.

The team said all containment lines on the fire held Wednesday during the wind event. They report the firefighting equipment that's no longer needed will be removed.

UPDATE: (Monday Evening)

The Great Basin Incident Management team said firefighters continue to make good progress on the Lava Mountain Fire.

The fire is now 50 percent contained. About 14,339 Acres have burned.

More than 800 personnel are fighting the flames. The fire team said personnel will begin to be demobilized or reassigned as the fire activity decreases and the containment increases over the next few days.

UPDATE: (Friday Evening)

The Great Basin Incident Management team said firefighters made good progress on the Lava Mountain Fire Friday.

The team said fire crews managed to increase containment of the fir from 5 percent to 20 percent. The fire has burned 12,724 acres.

1,153 personnel are fighting the flames.

UPDATE: (Thursday Evening)

Fire crews battling the Lava Mountain Fire took the offensive Thursday for the first time.

InciWeb reports the fire is 5 percent contained Thursday night. The fire is 12,169 acres in size. More than 1,000 personnel are on scene fighting the flames.

InciWeb reports the fire is burning in a forest with a large amount of bug killed timber. Fire crews said a wildfire in a bug killed forest is "extremely hazardous and difficult to suppress." Gusty winds are pushing the fire and creating challenges.

Evacuations and road closures in the area remain in effect.

UPDATE: (Wednesday Evening)

A new team took over management of the Lava Mountain Fire Wednesday.

According to a report Wednesday evening from the Great Basin Incident Management Team, management of the Lava Mountain Fire is under the command of Great Basin Team #2, a Type 1 National Incident Management Team. The report said the new team is larger than the previous Type 2 team and "can provide more specialized expertise."

The team said in the report, "As the complexity of this incident has increased, additional resources are needed to ensure firefighters have the best opportunity for success. For this reason, the organization managing the fire and planning suppression tactics is expanding."

The fire is burning 11,538 acres and is zero percent contained. 749 personnel are fighting the flames from 19 crews. 54 engines and 7 helicopters are on scene.

The report shows no structures have been lost, but there have been two injuries. To date, the fire has cost $6,200,000.

The Great Basin team said the weather over the next few days is expected to be a challenge, and may help the fire grow. The team said gusty winds could increase the risk and challenges firefighters face.

Several areas have been downgraded from the evacuation stage to pre-evacuation stage. Several forest service roads and trails are closed.

UPDATE: (Tuesday Evening)

InciWeb reports the Lava Mountain Fire grew another 2,000 acres Tuesday. It's now burning 11,100 acres. 749 personnel are fighting the fire.

Additional residences were added to the 'SET' stage of evacuation Tuesday, including Stoney Point, Bald Mountain, Upper Little Warm Springs and Lower Little Warm Springs.

UPDATE: (Tuesday Afternoon)

The wildfire near Dubois grows more than 2,000 acres in 24 hours.

The Northern Rockies Incident Management Team said the Lava Mountain Fire is 8,020 acres in size with no containment. In a news release Monday, an evacuation order was implemented for several areas in addition to older evacuations.

UPDATE: (Monday Evening)

Northern Rockies Incident Management Team reports the Lava Mountain Fire grew more than 1,000 acres Monday. To date, the fire has burned about 6,860 acres with zero percent containment.

More than 640 personnel are fighting the flames. Six helicopters and 41 engines are on scene.

NRIMT said a National Type 1 Incident Management Team is scheduled to begin shadowing the Western Montana Team Tuesday. The Type I Incident Team is expected to take over fire management Thursday.

The management team said, whether you are directly affected by the fire or not, all residents in the area should have an evacuation plan in place.

UPDATE: (Monday Afternoon)

More areas are now being evacuated because of the Lava Mountain Fire. A news release from the fire crews on the scene of the fire said the areas around Union Pass, Porcupine, Warm Springs and Hat Butte are now under an evacuation.

An update on the fire Monday has the fire at 5,488 acres in size. This fire is still at 0 percent containment.

UPDATE: (Sunday Morning)

According to a press release sent out by the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team, the Lava Creek Fire remains at 0% containment. 

The fire has grown more than 1,200 acres since Saturday night, leaving 4,269 acres burned. 

Highway 26 remains open with a no-stopping zone within the vicinity of the fire. The Continental Divide Trail however, is closed from Sheridan Pass to Pilot Knob.

The release says due to current fire growth, additional notices of evacuations have been issued for the Long Creek Subdivision, Sheridan Creek Cow Camp, MacKenzie Highland Ranch, Timberline Ranch, and Teton Valley Ranch Camp. 

There are also additional areas added to the pre-evacuation stages in the Hat Butte Area, Sawmill Turnoff, Warm Springs Subdivision, Union Pass Area, Falls Creek Campground, Roaring River Subdivision, Buckboard Subdivision, Laval Mountain Lodge, Double Bar J Ranch, Lava Creek Ranch and Triangle C Ranch.

UPDATE: (Saturday Evening)

InciWeb, the Incident Information System, shows the fire grew more than 700 acres Saturday to make it 3,051 acres.

UPDATE: (Saturday Evening)

The Northern Rockies Incident Management Team said Saturday the Lava Mountain Fire, about 20 miles northwest of Dubois, has grown to 2,304 acres in size. The fire remains at zero percent containment.

More than 400 personnel are fighting the fire. Several residences have been evacuated, and several others have been told to be prepared to evacuate if needed. Several roads in the area are closed. The management team said, if you feel concerned or threatened by the fire activity, leave the area.

The team said a Type II Interagency Incident Management Team is in command. With the continued winds Saturday, the fire is expected to spread and grow.

UPDATE: (Friday Evening)

The wildfire burning 20 miles northwest of Dubois, Wyoming is growing.

According to the incident management team on scene, the Lava Mountain Fire is 2,157 acres in size.

That's twice the size from Thursday. This fire remains at zero percent containment.

Fire crews say with dry and windy weather conditions expected on Friday, they expect fire activity to increase significantly.

Residences from Big Diamond Ranch to the Lava Creek Ranch and Double Bar J Ranch are under evacuation status.

Evacuations are in effect for some areas near Dubois, Wyoming.

According to the incident management team on the fire, the Lava Mountain Fire has burned just over 1,000 acres.

The evacuation is in effect for areas of MacKenzie Highland Ranch to Lava Creek Ranch.

The team says there is some safety concern for those traveling on Highway 26 in the fire area. They ask people to drive defensively, follow traffic signs, and don't pull off the road.

This fire is zero percent contained.

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