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McCollum's Miracle Child Inspires Family for Heart and Sole Run

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"She's kind of our little miracle baby. My wife was told she couldn't have children, and then after we married we found out that wasn't correct."

For some families, having a family doesn't come easy. But when it happens, it can be the most rewarding thing in the world.

"I wanted to do a family run with my family, because I wanted to do it in honor of my dad," said Alex McCollum.

Eight year old Alex McCollum is the leader of Team McCollum for today's Heart and Soul 5K. Why would an eight year old want to run a 5K? Simple: for father's day.

"I worked Mother's Day, so I missed the Mother's Day run," said Rose-Ellen McCollum. "So she wanted to do it as a family. Since I couldn't do the Mother's Day run, let's do the Father's Day, and do it all together."

Well all together in theory. But Steve and Rose-Ellen are pretty sure Alex will only really be there in spirit.

Are you going to stay with them or are you just going to bolt out ahead?

"I'm going to go ahead because I'm faster," laughed Alex.

"I'm definitely not going to leave her in the dust, I can tell you now," said Steve. "So it's going to be more like please wait for us at the end."

It wasn't too long ago, that both Steve and Rose-Ellen thought there wouldn't be anyone waiting for them at the finish line. But now that they do, there's no turning back.

"She's my miracle kid. I love the kid to death," said Rose-Ellen. "But she is my little miracle. I'm lucky to have her."