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Montana Players Enjoying Camaraderie Before Badlands Bowl

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This week Miles City and Custer County High School hosts top prep football players from all classes and all corners of our state.

"Everybody around you is bigger and faster," said Havre quarterback Dane Warp. "It's a challenge but it's fun to be a part of."

While many of these athletes spent their high school careers competing against one another, they now join to form one All Star team.

"We're all playing for Montana but it's pretty fun shoving each other, especially college rivals, we always throw a little trash talk in there too," said Billings Senior lineman Devin Maua."

Chad Ross of Whitefish will lead Montana against North Dakota in the annual Badlands Bowl. While Ross knows the competition outweighs Montana, he says these all stars bring quickness and chemistry- bonding on the field despite past histories and rivalries. 

"Our offense and defense are teally gellin and that's one thing you can't coach," said Ross. "When North Dakota and Montana have such great athletes, it's that team chemistry coming always wonder how it's gonna mesh and the players have done a great job coming together."

"As you've been competing with them ever since you were a freshman and hating these guys and competing against them and then they turn into your best friends after this week," said CMR wide receiver Karl Tucker II.

You can also hear Montana's all stars at practice shouting 'east' and 'west' to indicate which side of the shrine bowl they'll be playing for.

"So it's playful," said Billings Senior cornerback Jacob Hadley. "I mean, we're coming together as a team this week and then less than a month from now we're gonna be playing each other."

But no matter where these athletes come from or where they're going, they all share one goal- to being home a win for Montana.