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Congressman Zinke endorses presidential candidate Donald Trump

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Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke endorses presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ahead of Trump's visit to the Treasure State. 

The former Navy SEAL made the announcement in an email from his office. His statement reads in part:

"Today I'm endorsing and supporting Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America. I look at who our options are to serve as the next President and to me the choice is clear."

Rep. Zinke says in his statement, he and Trump may not agree on 100-percent of the issues, but he will endorse the candidate over the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. He says he welcomes Trump to Montana.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be making a campaign stop in Billings Thursday. Zinke is expected to introduce Trump at the campaign rally.

In a press conference Wednesday, Montana democrats respond to Trump's visit to the Billings and Zinke's endorsement of the presumptive Republican nominee.

"The news of Donald Trump as a fraud and a conman doesn't surprise anybody, his own party actually acknowledges that fact freely," State legislator Kelly McCarthy from Billings said. "More bothering to us in Montana, is that Montana's lone representative in Congress, Ryan Zinke, with the state with the highest percentage of veterans per capita, not only fails to call out Trump for his mistreatment of veterans -- Ryan Zinke endorsed him and now this morning I just learned he wants to be his vice president."

In response to the Democratic Party of Montana news conference, the Montana Republican Party reiterated they are excited to have Donald Trump come to Montana and believe Montana republicans will unite behind the presumptive nominee.

(Note: There is no indication that Rep. Ryan Zinke is looking to become Trump's vice president.)