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Stella Steps Up: Winners announced


The champions are crowned as the KULR-8 Corporate Fitness Challenge with Granite Health & Fitness comes to a close.

"Overall winner was Kris. Super exciting. Kris lost over 6 percent of her total body weight," said Jenn Thompson, Granite Health & Fitness Trainer.  

"It's exciting. The reason I got into the challenge was to get my husband going," said Miles. While her husband, KULR-8 Station Manager Doug Miles started a steady pace to better health, Kris eventually sprinted. She's in good company on the health and fitness podium.

"Allison was hot on Kris' heels with 5.3 percent," added Thompson. That's the percentage of body weight lost by KULR-8 Producer Allison Molin, who food logged and exercised her way to blue ribbon status.

"The reason I was really excited was for the wedding that's coming up in September. I went and got my bridesmaid dress and I'm down a size," said Molin.
The trainers couldn't be happier about the overall improvements of the entire team.

"They aren't drinking soda anymore. They aren't eating fast food anymore. They've changed snacking patterns or breakfast patterns, or they've changed how their entire day goes to fit those workouts in," enthusiastically explained. Thompson

The team is learning it's not about the start of the long distance fitness race, or even the finish.
Non-stop momentum is key.

"I think I just had to have a shove." said Miles.

"It's nice to hear that it meant something, that I didn't just work hard, suffer through it and nothing happened," Molin said..

"It's about consistency. It doesn't matter what you do just one day, it matters what you do every day, in making sure those little steps are bringing you to that desired result," said Thompson. She suggests: look at your schedule to figure out a realistic fitness plan, then get started.