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Stella Steps Up Week 13: Staff reflections

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Sitting with the team members Granite Fitness with Granite Health & Fitness Trainer, Kari Bogner said, "You guys all did so great. It's been so fun working with all of you. We've enjoyed every second of it. And we love seeing you at the gym so we hope to see you down the road still coming,"

KULR-8 Production Assistant Mikel Wolf admits this commitment was a real challenge for him. "I definitely feel if I have any struggles with this, I have people here at KULR-8 who can help me out and definitely, definitely loved the trainers we had. 100% kudos to what they did to help us out. I'm going to try to keep it going."

Meteorologist Tracy Smith said, "I've learned a lot as far as what workouts are out there, how to build my arms, my legs, my core and how to do it differently."

Bogner commented on Tracy's commitment to fitness.

"I just love her drive for this. She seems really, really driven to get this figured it out. She's dedicated to it. I know she's going to do a good job."

Producer Tyson Adams really benefited from focusing on nutrition. "It just helped me build that mindset that I need to eat healthy and change the way I've been doing things." 

"You know I have transformed. I feel great about myself and not only for myself, but for my family, my kiddos, my husband. I'm not just sitting on the couch saying oh yeah, I'll do that tomorrow. I noticed that I have a lot more energy and I just feel good," said Cheryl Temple, Administrative Assistant at KULR-8. 

"I'm just going to continue to at least go to the aqua class, if I can get there three times a week at least, and work into maybe doing the weights when I'm able to do that. It's been great. I feel really good when I get out of bed," said Kris Miles, member of the Corporate Fitness Challenge Team and wife of KULR-8 Station Manager Doug Miles. 

Bogner commented on Kris' drive to succeed.

"She's been doing a good job sticking to aqua, her program, and she works hard when she's in there."

Produce Allison Molin said, "I think I've begun to watch more what I eat, using the app the track calories and I'm watching my portion sizes so I know I'm not eating as much. I don't need to eat as large of portions. 

Executive Producer Emily Nantz said, "Classes challenge me more than I can challenge myself so I enjoy having that aspect of a fitness routine because there's somebody there encouraging you the whole time.

The winner of the Corporate Fitness Challenge will be revealed next week.