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Billings Mayor joins WWII Veteran's 99th birthday party

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It's not easy to find a birthday ribbon for someone turning 99 years old!

That's why the Sweetwater Retirement Community gave Bill Arnold a 'Very Special Person' ribbon to mark the World War II veteran's 99th birthday Wednesday. 

Billings Mayor Tom Hanel was among attendees of Arnold's surprise party May 4th at the retirement home. 

"It was a lot bigger than I expected," Arnold said after his birthday party, "a lot of people."

Party guests spoke highly of Arnold, a Japanese prisoner of war for three years during the second World War. Hanel was among speakers to recognize Arnold for a lifetime of achievement, and one of Arnold's ten siblings also spoke to the retirement community crowd celebrating Bill Arnold's life and milestone birthday.

Arnold and his guests enjoyed live music, decorations, and the veteran didn't pass on some birthday cake!

So what's the 99-year-old's secret to a long life?

"I never expected to live this long," Arnold said, " I guess the good Lord says it isn't my time yet. I take it a day at a time."

Arnold shared his birthday with KULR-8 and shares his experiences in his book "Some Survived."  

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