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Gianforte puts over $200K towards his own campaign

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Financial filing reports were due Monday in the state gubernatorial race.

Republican candidate Greg Gianforte said again on Monday, his campaign will not accept a dime of special interest money.  According to the reports, which span from late March to the end of April, Gianforte's campaign money is coming from individuals, not large special interest groups.

As of April, the Gianforte campaign has raised more than one million dollars.

Funds have been supplemented by Gianforte himself, who announced he is partially funding his own campaign.  In his own words, Gianforte says it is just a small fraction of the total amount raised.

"The important thing to remember is that we are not taking any special interest money. Existing government insiders, career politicians are really bought and paid for by special interests and we wont allow it in our race, were not going to accept a dime of special interest money," said Gianforte on Monday.

We did reach out to Governor Steve Bullock about the filed reports. He was unable to give a statement, but we did receive this statement from Jason Pitt, with the Montana Democratic Party.

"Gianforte would rather dump his own fortune into his campaign, and try to buy the governor's office to give a huge tax break to himself and his millionaire buddies, at the expense of middle-class families," said Pitt in a statement.

According to documents from the Bullock campaign, he has received money from political action committees, or PAC groups, but the amount during the period of March and April was relatively insignificant in comparison to citizen donations.

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