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Stella Steps Up Week 9: Stella's personal fitness journey


She is a television news anchor by night, but fitness has been an important part of her daily routine for decades.

Stella Daskalakis is currently is a cheerleader for the KULR-8 team as they make their way through the Corporate Fitness Challenge with Granite Health & Fitness. In this week's Stella Steps Up, we talk to Stella about how she became passionate about fitness.

"I started teaching in the 1980s and it was by a fluke. I was a client in a class and I was always on the front row and my instructor got hurt. She hurt her ankle and I was only supposed to do it temporarily and then, she never came back and that's how I started teaching fitness. And I've been teaching for a long time. Let's just put it that way. 

It is something that I'm always going to do, even when I'm in my '80s. It energizes me. It keeps me going to the gym. And not only does it help me physically, but mentally, I need that stress release because as journalists, we tend to get a little stressed out every now and then, in fact, a lot. I need to go to the gym and I need to make the connections with the people at the gym. All I do is go in for an hour and that's all I need. I'm good to go after that. 

I must tell you that I have lived in many cities across the country and some of my very very best friends, who are still friends to this day are people who I've met at the gym. And it's because you have a positive relationship going on. You're all striving towards the same goal and you work at it, no matter what level you're on and you develop friendship and you develop bonds and those bonds never ever go away. I will never give up working out. Ever." 

Stella currently teaches Les Mills Body Pump classes and cycling classes. She works out about four to six times a week.