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Target stores across Montana to end glass recycling program

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You may have seen the signs on the doors of your local Target, the retailer will stop accepting glass recyclables come March 1st.

The program was established in 2010 at stores in state and nationwide to allow customers an easy way to recycle, something especially useful in the state of Montana where recycling is expensive. In the end, expense is what is causing the program to end.

Target released a statement to us:

"Since opening our first store in 1962, Target has invested in the health and sustainability of our communities. In 2010, we became the only retailer in the state of Montana to have a glass bottle recycling program. However, due to the use of our facilities beyond their original intent and the lack of infrastructure in place at a state level, we regret that we are unable to continue the program. The affected stores will continue to accept guest recycling through February 28."

The lack of infrastructure mentioned includes the fact waste has to be transported out of state. Given how heavy glass can be, it is expensive to transport, and therefore expensive for Montanans to recycle.

There are companies who provide curbside pickup alongside your regular trash, but the service is an extra cost. Many grocery stores across the state have recycle bins in their parking lots for community use.