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Stella Steps Up Week 2: Striving toward fitness goals


Exercising with friends or coworkers can help you get back on track if you've steered away from your fitness goals.

Stella: Today we are with Jenn Thompson. And I am with two of my KULR-8 teammates, Sean, one of our directors. Sean, what are your fitness goals? 

Sean: I just kind of want to get back to where I was before I broke my rib. All right so he wants to get back to where he was. 

Stella: How is he going to do that Jenn?
Jenn: You know, with Sean, it's kind of awesome because he's got a lot of experience with power-lifting so with his goal being to develop more strength, he's well on his way and he's got some good experience as to how to do that. Right now, he's doing an incline chest press so he's working his chest muscles. One of the other great things about this particular movement is every time he presses, he's going to have to recruit his core muscles, which is another aspect of recovering from that injury. 

Stella: And it's very encouraging because that's a serious injury. 

Jenn: Huge injury and he's got such a great attitude that I've got no doubt he's going to get there.
Stella: Okay, while Sean works on his goals, we're going to check with reporter Melinda Lee. Melinda, thanks for coming into the gym today.
Melinda: You know Stella, one of my main goals is to replace body fat with muscle, focusing primarily on strengthening my upper body, which I know a lot of women struggle with.
Stella: Okay, two different people, two different sets of goals.
Jenn: You know what's cool about the program is even though it's together as a group, that's great for support, but we can do individualized programs for each one of them depending on what their goals are. And I think that's really special because that way, we get the support of a group, but you get the individualized results you're after. 

Stella: And we are so appreciative of that because we have about 20 KULR-8 employees, who are participating in this corporate fitness challenge, but it's possible like you said to do group and individual. 

Jenn: Anytime you're doing something in a group, you're going to have more accountability, you're going to have more support. Anyone who's ever tried to a weight loss journey or a body transformation journey on their own know how hard that is and so to have other people, especially people you're with most of the day, going through the same journey with you, that's amazing. That's a good support system. 

Stella: Thank you so much Jenn. We are so motivated to be working with you and Mel and Sean, keep up the good work and same with all of you.

Twenty employees from KULR-8 have committed to a six-week corporate fitness challenge with Granite Fitness.
Their goals are being tracked daily and weekly and they're being coached by certified trainers. We will keep you up-to-date on their progress. 

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