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Your pet is showing strangers where you live

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We all love a good cute cat photo, but this internet obsession could be jeopardizing your safety.

The website is called 'I Know Where Your Cat Lives' and anyone with an internet connection can access it.

The site plots photos tagged with the word 'cat' onto a Google World map. You can see cats from all over the globe, and your backyard. Literally.

All of the coordinates and pictures come from public photos tagged with cats from apps like Flickr and Instagram, according to the website.

The mission of the project is simple, feed the cat obsession but also start a conversation about the ease of access to data and photos on the internet.

The apps on your phone often have default settings that provide minimal privacy for the user and most of your apps probably utilize location services in some way. Location services on your phone can be turned off for individual apps, or altogether.  If you do turn them off completely, you will not be able to use GPS apps like Maps.

You can turn off location services for apps like Facebook or Instagram individually though. You will no longer be able to tag your location, but that isn't such a bad thing since that selfie or family photo could be giving someone a map to exactly where you are.

You do have to remember that some apps allow you to take and post photos within the apps themselves, and unless location services are turned off for those apps, the photo will still have a geo-tag.

If you notice a photo that you shared has appeared on the website, changing your settings to private will get it removed.