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Horses help veterans

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Horses have helped our nation's military for years and now they're helping veterans suffering from wounds, PTSD or other service-related injuries.
Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. is a program with more than 10 years experience as an equine therapeutic provider and they're inviting the public to an open house this weekend to demonstrate how heroes can achieve results with horses, heart, spirit and respect.

President of Horses Spirits Healings, Inc. said "We owe it to them to help them integrate back into the communities and the equine therapy is an emerging technology, if you will, or emerging set of programs and they work."

The open house is Saturday, December 19th at the Intermountain Equestrian Center, located at 7256 Highway 3. The day begins with a noon lunch, and an overview of the program. Followed by lesson demonstrations from 1-2 p.m. with tours of the facility beginning at 3 p.m.
You can also contact Horses Spirits Healings, Inc. if you interested in being an instructor or volunteer at 406-245-4076 or