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Fire Department tips on holiday safety

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It's not even a week after Thanksgiving, but Christmas decorations already are going up. While decorating, it is important to also think about safety during the season, especially with the cold and dry temperatures.

When setting up your Christmas tree, keep it away from any open flames and avoid setting it near a heat source, whether that is on top of a heating vent or near a space heater.

It is also important to keep watering the Christmas tree, if the tree starts to dry out, it is far more likely to become a fire hazard.

The Billings Fire Department says that tree safety isn't the only thing to watch out for this winter.

"If you get up in the middle of the night, and god forbid you actually have a fire, you go to open your window and your window might be froze shut, that type of thing. It is just something to pay attention to, that is kind of what we want people to do is just be aware of these types of situations and be aware that these things might happen," said Jamie Fender, Deputy Fire Marshall at Billings Fire.

The department also says to not strong more than three sets of Christmas lights together to avoid any problems. With that, they say to be conscious of what you are plugging in to avoid overloading your power sockets.

If you are cooking in the over, don't leave it open to heat your home. The weather doesn't just make your home cold, but snow can actually decrease ventilation to your home and cause carbon monoxide can build up.