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Community center opens doors to homeless

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With colder weather moving in, it is important to remember those who do not have a place to go at night.

Last year, the Montana Rescue Mission, in partnership with Harvest Church, opened up their community center. The center is only open three days a week, but is already helping to build a bridge between those on the streets and the rescue mission.
People can go into the community center to talk, have coffee, participate in bible study and get resources to help them in getting off the street.

"Especially on evenings like this where it's very cold out we just provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for people that are on the streets or less fortunate and have no where to go. We just give them a place to come and sit down and warm up and good conversation," said Doug Graves, a volunteer at the center.

As always, the shelter is in need of volunteers. The community center could use all the extra hands they can get and would love to have enough people to be able to open more nights during the week.

To get involved, you can call Glenn Fournier, the program director with MRM at (406)259-3800 or Harvest Church at (406)259-5648

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