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Lockwood Family Seeks Help After Storm Destroys Home

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A Lockwood family is receiving community support one week after high winds destroyed the roof of their mobile home.

The American Red Cross will help financially, but it's a tough time for the Barnes family. After being scammed by a roofing company earlier this summer, the trailer's roof was still in dire need of repairs, and last week's severe weather was the last straw

"We were raised in this very trailer," 25-year-old William Barnes said. "We moved here when I was about 8-years-old. This is where I remember getting my first car, I remember having my first crush."

William Barnes says his mother Clairissa has lived in this trailer home for 16 years. She's disabled, and unable to work, and her husband died two months ago.

William says the damage from last week's storm outweighs the worth of the home, so they're in a tough spot.

"For my mom, it's more than just it being her home -- it's the fact that she owns it," he said. "It has some security.

The Barnes family says they paid a roofing company to fix prior damage a few months ago. The company accepted the down payment, but never showed up to fix the roof.

"It was just one of those deals where we were desperate to try to get this roof fixed," said Thomas Barnes, Clairissa's 30-year-old son. "And the first person that offered to help, we took every word that they said."

The result of the scam is a house ravaged by high winds. A local church is helping clean up the home, and Thomas and William are thankful for the support.

"When my mom was working for HRDC, she did a lot for the community and she was constantly trying to help people," William added. "And now we're starting to see some of that received back, because people remember."

To help out the Barnes family, you can go to any Wells Fargo Bank in Billings and ask for Clarissa Barnes' fund. You can also click here and find their GoFundMe page.

If you think your home is susceptible to severe weather damage, Human Resources Development Council has a weatherization program for low-income families. Professionals inspect homes and make sure windows and roofs are sealed.

You can also contact the Red Cross, which can provide financial assistance and volunteers.