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Local Seniors Knit Purple Hats to Fight Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Women at a local senior home are knitting for a good cause. They are making purple hats for newborns to help raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome.

The project is called PURPLE Montana, and it's focus is to educate new parents about how to cope with a crying baby. It is all through the non-profit Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, which gets it's funding through donations and local hospitals.

The hats are given to newborns at local hospitals, along with DVD's to help the new parents learn how to take care of the baby and themselves.

"Crying is a normal developmental phase but it is really frustrating for caregivers. What we are teaching them is to set the baby in a safe place and then walk away. Go to the next room, take a deep breath, go outside on your porch, get a glass of water, do something to regroup and then go back in," said Judy Edwards, executive director of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies.

There have already been two child abuse related deaths in the state this year. Edwards said that 85% of survivors on shaken baby syndrome will live the rest of their lives with developmental problems.