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Looking for the Most Misspelled Town in the U.S. -- Check Wyoming

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What’s in a name?  For the northwestern Wyoming town of Meeteetse, national notoriety. A recent survey has shown the town’s name is the most misspelled in the nation.

Meeteetse is a small town about thirty miles south of Cody. It’s a ranching community, with a Museum, a Mercantile that hasn’t been open for a long time, a historic bar and café, and even a cowboy chocolate store.  It has board sidewalks made for cowboy boots, and an open jail and coffin.

It’s a tiny town, population 300, with a long name, spelled M-E-E-T-E-E-T-S-E.  Meeteetse.

The Meeteetse Museums’ director, David Cunningham, said it’s a Shoshone name.

He explained,  “We recently visited with John Washakie at the Wind River reservation, and he’s working on a dictionary and he said Meeteetse actually means ‘nearby’ or ‘over there’.”

Until now, Meeteetse was known nationally as the place where Black Footed Ferrets were discovered, when they were considered extinct, in 1981. But,  a Ketchum Global Research and Analytics survey reveals Meeteetse is the most misspelled city name in the U.S.  70 percent of the people surveyed could not spell it.

100 percent of the people we asked could not spell it.  We went to Cody to find spellers. We couldn’t  find anyone on the sidewalks of Meeteetse.

Christian Spearow tried twice, “M-A-T-I-S-I.  No, I take that back. M-A-T-I-T-S-I”

Monica Jenkins and her friend Toni Webster kept trying.

Jenkins reasoned,  “M-U-I-T-I-T-I-S-E.  Meeteetse.  No, it’s Muh teetse, like Mutt, right.  Like a dog, Mutt.”

Webster said, “This is not class.  She’s not going to tell you if you’re close.”

Jenkins sounded the name out,  “ Mutteetse.  I’m not even sure if I heard it right.”

Webster corrected, “It’s M-A-T-I-T-Z-I-E.”

Not even close.