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Billings Mother Whose Daughter Has Cancer Receives New Van

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United Way and Underriner Motors presented a very deserving family with a special gift on Thursday morning.

Bill Underriner and his employees donated a used Hyundai van to Vanessa Burtchett.

Burtchett's 10-year-old daughter Adysen is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and their previous vehicle was unreliable for taking her to appointments.

Burtchett's case manager at Human Resources Development Council, Trish Lauwers, nominated Burtchett as a finalist to receive the vehicle.

"I knew Vanessa's car was in really bad shape, and so I nominated her," Lauwers said. "And her daughter has cancer and they need something positive."

At least twice a year Underriner Motors donates a vehicle to someone in need.

"I'm thrilled today, to be able to let this lady and her kids have this vehicle, that they need so desperately," Underriner said.

Burtchett was in awe after receiving the keys, and was struggling to find the words to describe her emotions.

"It'll be a lot easier to take her to her appointments and not have to worry about it breaking down," she said. "I still don't believe it. I feel like I don't deserve it. It's unreal."

Underriner employees donated their time to fix up the van, and decided which nominee was most deserving of the vehicle.

"It's all employee driven which is nice," Underrriner added. "It's really about the employees giving back to the community."