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 I became a sleep consultant because I was a sleep-deprived mother myself, and a sleep consultant changed my life”  The only certified child sleep consultant in the region in here in Helena and she's ready to de-bunk some of the myths parents have been told through generations to make their child sleep through the night.

“It's best not to have mobiles, and have a room that is completely dark for children to sleep in,” as opposed to the misconception of helping babies fall asleep with some soothing music or hanging decor from the ceiling. 

Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Diana Julian, works with newborns to five year old and expecting parents, teaching them how to condition their children to sleep.  Creating customized sleeping plans for parents in order to put their child on a consistent and healthy sleep schedule that coincides with their biological sleep rhythm.

To learn more go to or contact Diana 406-431-7240

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