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MRM Serves Hundreds at Annual Easter Dinner

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If you do what you love, your job never feels like work. Nowhere else than at Montana Rescue Mission is that saying truer.

Walter Lofton, food service manager for MRM, said he loves his job because he loves serving people and giving those in need a hot, nutritious meal.

Lofton has worked in the food service industry for more than 30 years. In that time, he has connected with several of the families he's helped. In turn, he's created a pay it forward type of volunteerism.

"They were so appreciative of Thanksgiving. The meals, the people that surrounded them. They came to Christmas to volunteer. They're in the same situation but they come to volunteer," Lofton said.

Alena Smith is a local teen who knows the importance of giving to those less fortunate.

"A lot of people don't have that opportunity for them to be able to have a hot meal. Just think about how happy it probably makes them."

Denise Smith, Montana Rescue Mission Marketing and PR Director said they served more than 300 people at their annual Easter Dinner.