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Billings Wolves Lose Home Opener in Double OT

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The Billings Wolves lost their season-opening home game Sunday 45-38 to the Cedar Rapids Titans in double overtime.

Late in the fourth quarter, Quarterback Darakatalib Britt connected with Jamel Johnson to tie the game, 28-28 with five minutes left. After the Wolves and Titans traded field goals, the game entered overtime.

In the Wolves' first OT possession, Britt scrambled to find James Walton in the end-zone to make it a seven-point game. In the Indoor Football League, overtime rules are very similar to college, except teams start with the ball at the 20-yard line instead of the 25-yard line.

The Titans knotted the game up when Sam Durley passed to Bryan Pray, and a few plays later, the Titans scored again to go ahead 45-38.

The Wolves eventually had their shot to tie it up or win, but the effort came up short after a fourth down pass play near the end zone.  

Billings Wolves Head Coach Chris Dixon says his team's 0-2 record could easily be 2-0.

"We're growing, and that's what I love about it," Dixon said. "Am I frustrated? Yes. I'm frustrated because I don't lose very often. If you know me -- you know I don't lose very often. 

"But as a patient coach, I understand that we're growing. I love the competitiveness and that's the one thing that I love -- we compete every day

The Wolves didn't get into much of a rhythm on offense much of the first half, but Darakatalib Britt provided a boost at quarterback when he replaced Tyler Genuser.

"Especially defensively -- our defense is doing what they're supposed to do," Dixon said. "Offensively, I thought we got better up front. I thought our O-line did an amazing job. and if you not notice, we're doing an awesome job of just trying to make everything better a piece at a time."

The Wolves will play the Bemidji Axmen in Minnesota next Saturday.