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Give a "Piece" of Montana

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If you're searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, why not give piece of Montana to that special person?

Montana is known as the "Treasure State," and if you didn't already know, that's because it is rich in many minerals and gemstone sources - including the rare Yogo Sapphire.

Marie Ridgeway and her husband have mined for Yogo's since 1984 and developed a commercial mine. Over the last three decades they've found nearly every shape and size, but their most prized Yogo is in the shape of the Star of David.

“It's totally natural, it's a one of a kind deposit, the only place in the world you can find it is in the Little Belt Mountains. And the minerals in the deposit creates the color in the Yogo sapphire,” said Ridgeway.

Yogo's one carat and larger are hard to come by and that's reflected in the price, a one carat Yogo starts at $15,000.