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Woman Does Random Acts of Kindness 365 Days

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BILLINGS, Mont. - It's "Random Acts of Kindness Week" and we spoke with a Billings woman who has resolved to perform a random act of kindness every day. She's not just doing this for one week, but for the entire year!
Suzanne Ady decided to make daily, random acts of kindness her new year's resolution, and 40 days into 2015 and 40 random acts of kindness later, she is still going strong.
Whether it's returning carts in the parking lot to the store, or leaving quarters in the gumball machines at Toys 'R' Us or placing individually wrapped bags of candy on people's cars, she has become proficient at practicing kindness every day.
"One of my favorites was I had driven by a man standing on a corner with a sign and I just thought, I'm going to run down the street and I'm going to go to subway and I'm going to get him a sandwich," says Ady. "So I took him the sandwich and I drove up and handed it to him... I said 'Here, I brought you lunch' and he was thrilled. I mean he was beyond thrilled."
Suzanne is holding herself accountable by posting each random act on Facebook. She says she has been overwhelmed by the responses from her friends. Ady has some advice for those of you who might be contemplating doing the same thing.
"Do it!" she says. "Don't just think about it, do it. It'll make you feel better. It might possibly make their whole day or their whole week."