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What Would You Do For A Free Car?

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They say “nothing in life is free,” and four people are learning that first hand in the “Live In It To Win It,” contest. Literally, Bennett Motors is giving away a Subaru Legacy to the last person ‘sitting' in the car.

It all began during a lottery during football season, more 150 people entered the contest, but only four were chosen along with eight alternates.

The finalist get a bathroom break every two hours and rotate seats every six hours. During their 10 minute break they can get up and stretch, use the restroom, walk outside, change their clothes (no showers…) etc. Once they hear the ringing of the gong they have about one minute to return to the car and have the door shut or they will be disqualified.

Since, they have limited time to grab a bite to eat, Clark & Lewie's brings them three meals a day that they can eat inside the car.

To help time pass by the finalists are reading, coloring and napping, no electronics are allowed.

The four began their journey on Saturday (Jan. 24th) and will stay in the car until there is only one person left. If you want to visit the contestants you can head on down to Bennett Motors or watch a LIVE stream here.