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The First Civilian Woman in Montana to Work in Evidence for the Police Department Retires

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HELENA, Mont. - She was the first Montana civilian to work in a police department's evidence room, and now, after 23 years Anne Jacobson is handing the torch down.

Jacobson has been the only evidence technician of the department for over two decades.  Also known to most of us as evidence.  December 31st will not only represent the end of the year, but the end of  an era of work for Jacobson.    

" you could see fingerprints on the bathtub wall, that's where she was, so you could see those, we lifted those prints…and within three days of lifting those prints we had a suspect." Anne Jacobson added as one of the gratifying things about her job.

Think of the TV show "Dexter", minus the assassin part… could you imagine a crime scene without someone to gather all the information? "i get to go on major crime scenes and help collect and tag evidence,” Jacobson added.   A lot of the evidence gets stored in this tightly packed room.  There are two other storage sites for bigger items but Jacobson spends the majority of her time in this one, and just think of all the property that you might find here?  She says, "three years ago they put in a big air filter, which has made a huge difference…you cant imagine what this room smells like with marijuana or pot pipes…so i sat here for 20 years without it! (laughter)" and with this many year of experience, unusual items where certainly to be found.  "the craziest thing i've seen here is a bear paw. Someone called it in, it was a bear paw…we sent it to the crime lab just to make sure it was that"

Jacobson says the job is definitely overwhelming, but "i honestly love my job, if i was younger, i'd probably keep doing this job."

Jacobson plans on being a full-time grandmother-baby-sitter, and will help take care of her two three year old twins Madeline and Owen.