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The Golden Egg...or Coin!

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Old tale has in Helena has it; there's a gold coin that gets dropped in the Salvation Army buckets.  In the last four years, one of these gold coins has been nowhere to be found....Until this past weekend.   Core Officer at Salvation Army, Lieutenant Lawlor explains, “A couple of the volunteers said, hey! There's something wrapped up in dollar bills and out came this! Beautiful! Gold Coin!”  A beautiful, and hefty one ounce coin, worth 1,200 dollars!  “I've never actually held one before! Its exciting its finally happened again!”  The giver of this coin? “as to who….I know nothing!”  The only known fact, is that the gold coin was received at Murdock's this Saturday.  “Murdock's had their special event with the Reindeer, and I know there where hundreds of people there”  “Just want to send a very big shout out, to whoever sent this, and that we will be putting it to good use'