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Blue Bills Spreading a Message

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A local Helena artist hopes to spread his message of a ‘clean world' one blue dollar bill at a time.  That's right, a Blue Dollar Bill.  Tim Holmes, owner of Tim Holmes Studio has given away $1,400 in bills that have been dyed blue to represent this idea.   In his words “money only holds the value that we give to it.”  Holmes, hopes that one bill at a time, people start to become conscious of the importance we've placed on currency. 

“If I make money teaching children or enslaving them I get the same bill…this (blue bill) represents the value of a clean environment and healthy community, and so when I give it to you, I tell you about it…that's an agreement you make, so when you pass it to someone else you also tell them what it stands for…If someone used blue money it would be very hard to exploit the environment or people in the hope is that people all over the country will start doing this” 

While the idea the man behind the concept brings about is a noble one, it begs to question?  Are these bills an acceptable form of currency?  “I've experimented with the dye multiple times…some bills came out too dark,” Holmes added that all the security features of the bills remain intact, and even you can do it yourself.  Showing step by step directions on his site Local businesses are taking the bills, but not everyone is on board with accepting these colorful Alexander Hamilton's.

The U.S. Post Office at the state Capitol, has recently decided not to take them as they are technically ‘altered' currency.  I spoke with multiple officials who did not comment on the matter.   U.S. Attorney, Keri Leggett added; “Our office is aware of the bill dyeing incident and its currently under review, however, we have not yet determined if this activity constitutes an on-going until those issues are resolved, we are not prepared to comment.” 

So, what should you do if you come across one of these bills?  That's entirely up to you!  If you like the idea they represent, or the new fashion look for Hamilton then accept it, but keep in mind that if they end up deemed of ‘no value' later in the future you might be out whatever amount you have in your possession.  Officials did say, that you, as a citizen have the right to deny and ask for a different bill if you feel uneasy about them.