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Montana Historical Society Releases Charles Russell Catalog

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     It's been nearly 60 years in the making and now, finally, the Montana Historical Society (MHS) has cataloged and published a book with around 230 of its Russell made art work.

    The book is a type of biography through pictures, not just of Charles Russell's paintings but of the state and country.  It also chronicles the progression of his career after he arrived in Montana in 1880 up until his death in 1926.  MHS curator, Jennifer Bottomly-O'looney was a key component in putting this catalog together, and she says "You'd think that after four years you become tired of him (Russell), but he was an interesting person, the more you learn to more likeable he becomes."

    The process of poRussell's Russells work in a printed version was trusted to MHS Photographer, Tom Ferris.  He used different tools to zoom in to each painting and compare the colors to the printed versions.  Setting up a "stage-like" atmosphere to photograph each of Russell's art piece so that they would represent the artists work accordingly. 

    Charles Russell was born in St. Louis but moved to Montana at the young age of 16 years to become a cowboy.  During his spare time he painted and was known to walk around with modeling clay making different sculptures.