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Legally Blind Painter At Work

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Montana Native, Dean Munson was born with a genetic optic decease that hinders his visual ability.  Munson has learned to grow up without a clear image of life, yet he creates detailed paintings of nature.  Munson says "My lack of vision adds to the spirituality and creativeness of the painting...A lot of times I have to draw from a photo because I just can't see some of the animals in nature, but I always add the detail to make it my own."

Munson, whose first name is Richard but goes by Dean has a jovial attitude about life despite his challenges.  "My father's name was Richard, and I didn't want to be called little dick, so I just go by Dean."  "I've got plenty of gadgets to help me really get up close and give my paintings the detail I want"

You can see more of Munson's paintings at the Capitol building in the Politically Correct Cafeteria, in Helena.

The State Capitol is showcasing works of at the Politically Correct Cafeteria