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Hash-N-Dash Closes Its Doors

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Hash-n-Dash Breakfast Stop closed its door on October 26th. They announced the closing on their Facebook Page on October 24th. 

Considering it was a hot spot for foodies seeking that home-cooked, quality meal in a restaurant setting, the reason it closed might surprise you.

"The hiring pool basically is just down to nothing and I can't get anybody out here from downtown because there's no bus service," Denise Hash, owner of Hash-n-Dash said.

The City of Billings Bus Service stops at the intersection of 32nd and Grand, leaving potential employees with less than a mile walk, but without a paved walkway. That might not sound appealing for certain people looking for a job. 

Hash believes the city should have extended the bus routes a little further west, but says because her business, and many businesses around her, are small and locally owned, the city was more interested in making sure bigger stores, like Scheels and other stores in the Shiloh Crossing area, had bus service.

Hash said everything in the restaurant will be liquidated through an auction in the following weeks.