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Billigns Medical Facilities to Start Checking for Ebola

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Billings medical facilities will now begin to check for the Ebola virus.

With the CDC working to continue containing Ebola, they have incorporated a checklist for evaluating patients.

This checklist includes checking for fever and other symptoms compatible with Ebola, and also learning about the patients travel history.

Riverstone Health CEO, John Felton, says this is important because there are more diseases than Ebola that are not native to the United States, such as malaria and dengue fever.

Felton says he would like to reach the point where travel history becomes a routine part in the exchange of information between a doctor and the patient.

Felton would also like to remind people that Ebola is not the only major health problem in our country.

"We're coming into influenza season and, you know, if you look at what we had in the U.S. so far, for Ebola, we've had three cases and one death, which is certainly tragic and we want to stop that, but every year in the united states 35,000 people die of influenza and 200,000 get hospitalized every single year," says Felton.

Felton added he hopes the attention from Ebola will remind people there things you need to do for your health, which includes getting your flu shot.