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Pet Prejudice or Protecting Park Patrons?

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The Billings Animal Control Board's Public Meeting shed light on a highly debated topic; should dogs be allowed in city parks?

Andy Wright, a Billings resident, is for changing the decades old ordinance banning dogs from city parks.

Wright said most dog owners are responsible. He said the responsible owners will clean up their dog's mess, along with any other mess they might come across. Wright also said responsible dog owners would enforce the proposed ordinance, by calling out dog owners who let their dogs roam the parks without a leash.

However, Marlyn Stein believes the idea of dog owners policing each other will not work. Stein said the ordinance currently in place bans dogs from all city parks, but responsible dog owners aren't out enforcing it to the people who choose to ignore it. 

Dave Klein, Billings Animal Control Supervisor, said the Board will take in consideration all opinions expressed at the meeting. 

A decision has not been made to change the ordinance.  Another meeting will be held at the Zimmerman Center in the coming weeks, so the Board can discuss what to do next with this issue.