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Company Seeking to Fill 50 Jobs

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BILLINGS, Mont. -  If you're looking for a little extra money for the holidays - and want to help lot of your neighbors have a Merry Christmas - Matheson Flight Extenders would like to hear from you. Mark Matheson, president of parent company Matheson Trucking, Inc., says the company is looking to hire 50 additional people in Billings - 25 immediately, and 25 more for the Christmas season.

Matheson Flight Extenders handles and sorts packages for major shipping companies at 20 facilities across the United States. The job openings in Billings are part-time in the mornings, usually from 5:30 to 8:00, with pay starting at $11.20 per hour.  Matheson says the jobs can be a great fit for seniors or students, and that the company will hire people as young as 16.

Bulking up staff for the holiday season will be critical for parcel handlers. Last year, many consumers turned to and other online retailers to do at least part of their Christmas shopping. The resulting flood of packages overwhelmed the major shipping companies, resulting in many packages arriving late.

For more information or to apply, call 877-208-2714, or go to