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Man Sentenced to 100 Years for Double Homicide

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The man who killed the Edwards sisters in January 2012 was sentenced to 100 years in prison Tuesday.

"At no point until today have you taken any responsibility for what you've done,” says Judge Mary Jane Knisely. “The aggravating factors in this case are the violence that you inflicted was systematic. It was ritualistic."

She sentenced 23-year-old Andrew Scott Denning to 100 years in prison for the double homicide.

Daisy, 21, and Rose, 22, were found dead in their apartment, covered in blankets after a deal for sleeping pills went wrong.

"I'm just grateful that the case is done and that the Edwards family can close this chapter in their lives and perhaps get some semblance of closure," says Scott Twito, Yellowstone County attorney.

Det. Keith Buxbaum told the court how the two sisters were stabbed, slashed, and strangled. One of the sisters was stabbed more than 100 times all over her body. Family members testified, including the victims' mother, who says Denning had a “lust to kill” that night. "It's a nightmare you wake up to everyday for the rest of your life because of something you decided to do,” Marie Edwards, the victims' mother, said, addressing Denning.

The argument from the defense was to suspend 20 years because of Denning's age at the time, his history of mental illness, and his lack of a criminal history. Denning apologized to the Edwards family, calling Daisy and Rose two bright lights in his life. "I'm not worthy of your forgiveness or your understanding, but I take solace in the fact that before this is over I will share your pain,” he said.

Judge Knisely also ordered Denning to pay $10,688.50 in restitution.

Denning will become parole eligible in his 40s. But county attorney Twito says the testimony today will stay on Denning's record and it will be carefully scrutinized by a review board.