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Tea Party Park County

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CODY, Wyo. - The Tea Party has been very active in Park County, Wyoming. It brought in national figures, and worked to have a Republican office holder censured. 

Park County’s Republican Party seemed to be in turmoil last March. The party members voted on an attempt to censure Wyoming State Senator Hank Coe, partly because he had authored a bill to remove Tea Party backed state Superintendent of Education, Cynthia Hill, from office. The censure failed.

That was five months ago, but the Tea Party has been very active in Park County since. We asked voters if they believed it energized the election.

Park County voter Joshua Black said, “They brought Ted Nugent out here as well as a retired general, I understand. They had a rally at that point in time, so certainly, they attracted some attention, yeah.”

Voter Bill Watts reasoned, “...whether pro or con it will get more people out to vote.”

And young voter Christopher Giacoletto said, “I think so. There’s a lot of people that are tired of big government.”

Then, there’s the citizen who comes to vote, no matter what the issue, like 100 year old Gladys Monnette. She said, “Well I’m glad to be here to vote.”

Gladys wasn’t the oldest voter at this polling place in downtown Cody. Martha Kinkade is 101, and like Gladys, has voted since she was first allowed to at the age of 21.

Kinkade recalled the year: “1934. I voted every year.”

We asked, “ Why do you think it’s so important to vote?”

Her answer: “It’s like they say, 'if you don’t vote, you can’t gripe.'”