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MontanaFair Rides

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You can't have a fair without fair rides. KULR-8's Katie Chen took us on a tour of some thrill rides, and an extreme one:

The Mighty Thomas Carnival has been coming to MontanaFair for the past 35 years.

"Number one every year is the Century Wheel,” says John Hanschen, president of the Mighty Thomas Carnival, about the most popular rides. “It's a family ride. Folks ride it together. It's got gondola seats so they look at each other and enjoy the experience as a family. Followed by, the Pharaoh's Fury, the big swinging boat, it's always popular and number two. Next down the list Moby Dick. Great experience, lots of fun."

I decided to try some, and started my journey at Speed, one of the extreme rides. This ride has a 125-foot wingspan and you sit at one of the ends. The seats rotate as well, and at one point, I was looking straight at the ground. The verdict? Terrifyingly fun.

The Super Shot is a ride that drops you down a 90-foot tower. It wasn't as scary as Speed, but it still left me a bit shocked.

I went to a calmer ride to end my tour: Pharaoh's Fury, a boat that swings back and forth at varying heights. All in all, there is something to offer everyone whether it's excitement or a family fun ride.

There are child and family friendly rides like the monster trucks and bumper cars if the ones I got on are not your kind of ride.