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Billings Clinic Nurses to Vote on New Contract

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 Nurses at Billings Clinic are getting ready to vote on a new three-year contract, but right now, the nurses union does not support it. According

to the Montana Nurses Association (MNA), 575 nurses will vote starting tomorrow on the contract.

A spokesperson for the MNA says the two sides disagree on raises to the base salary, the elimination of merit pay as well as an increase in health insurance premiums.

Julie Burton, Director of Communications at Billings Clinic told KULR-8 News, "We have put an excellent offer on the table with an economic package that includes benefits and pay raises that keep our nurses ahead of the market. We hope the proposal will be judged on its merits and our nurses will vote to ratify the offer."

The vote starts at 6 AM on Tuesday and runs 24 hours.