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Hells Angels Aftermath

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CODY, Wyo. -

Hells Angels are not angels. They are members of a worldwide biker club that has been associated with criminal activity in the past, but the aftermath of their national run in Cody last week is shocking.

Saturday night Harleys could be heard all over town. A street dance drew a little attention, but days after most of the Hells Angels left Sunday, people were still talking about them.

The owner of the Moose Creek Lodge, Christi Livingston said, “They swept parking lots, took out their trash. Help me carry in stuff.”

Livingston said their rooms were spotless, but they left something else.

“So I have two giant flower bouquets, and they were as nice to find out what flowers I liked.”

Cody Police chief Perry Rockvam said the bikers made sure their members kept the peace with their own tipsy taxi service.

Rockvam explained, “If they have someone they feel is too intoxicated or impaired to operate a motorcycle, they rented vehicles and they’re providing transport back to where they’re staying, then they coordinate getting their motorcycle back too.”

Rockvam said there were no major crime incidents during the bikers run, but there was a quiet transfer of goods after they left.

The Cody Cupboard reported Hells Angels donated 719 pounds of food, including fruit, milk, meat, and buns to the food bank.

The Center of the West security manager, Mike Brown said between fifty and sixty Hells Angels visited each day. But they don’t allow weapons in the Center, and Brown said at one point they had 23 bikers knives lined up in a row at the security desk. One curator reported that after he talked to a couple of them and turned his back, they put a hundred dollar bill in the museum’s donation box.

But some businesses were hurt by Hells Angels National run. Cody Trolley owner Greg Pendley said his customers avoided Cody that week. He estimates it cost him about $2000 in lost business.

Pendley explained, “The people that would normally take our tour decided not to stop in town or stay in town.”

Pendley says he hopes Hells Angels don’t come back, but Chief Rockvam talked to the club. He says they want to come back.

Rockvam said police foot patrols downtown helped ease the tourists’ fears about the bikers that were around them.