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Lightning Strikes a Tree

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A husband and wife in Lockwood had quite a scare, when their 100-year-old tree was struck by lightning.

Brett and Kim Rollins were both outside when the incident happened.

Brett was in the process of tying down their carport to secure it when the lighting struck, knocking both of them off their feet.

Brett says he has never seen anything like it.

The Rollins say the tree has saved them many times, but are afraid for the future of the tree.

"I think I'm gonna lose the tree because it's cracked in so many places. It's been charred, as you can see. We're gonna have to cut it down and this tree has saved us so many times from hail storms, lightning storms, but now it's, I'm afraid we're gonna lose it," says Brett Rollins.

Brett described the lightning strike as a blinding light, and says a booming sound from the tree was deafening.