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Main Street Montana Project - More Jobs, People

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The economy is doing well in Montana and Governor Steve Bullock is implementing a plan to make it even better.

The focus of the Main Street Montana Project is to create and bring jobs into Montana. But with more jobs come more people, and it begs the question, can our city handle the expansion?

Governor Bullock held a meeting to bring together business and government leaders to discuss improving economic opportunities with the Main Street Montana Project. More jobs, mean a larger population, so the infrastructure will need to change.

"Well I think we always need to be working on infrastructure needs,” Bullock says. “It was great because we've been managing the economy so well, we were able to lower the interest rates for sewer and water projects. That’ll save Montana taxpayers 29 million dollars just that one effort alone."

Billings city staffers are concerned about shoring up community safety, especially with more people moving in. They say there is a need for more officers, firefighters, and dispatchers as Billings is growing yearly at 1.8 percent.

"Main Street Montana is really about the jobs and creating those opportunities so it doesn't directly address some of the local community needs like law enforcement," Bullock says.

Bullock says community leaders and industry leaders will be coming together more often in the future. "It is one more step in a continuing process, but I really hope that we have businesses engaged and saying we can help find solutions to not only improve upon what we have but look a decade down the road and say where does this region want to be.”

The Main Street Montana Project is a business plan developed by Montanans. Bullock released the plan back in April.