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Montana FWP Hosts Bison Conservation Discussion

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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks began a two-day discussion regarding a statewide bison management program.

The purpose of the discussion is to review issues and possible alternatives for bison conservation and management in Montana.

It's the second public meeting regarding free-roaming bison.

The first one was held last September in Lewistown .

Brucellosis transmission from bison to cattle, effects on agriculture and property damage are some of the concerns being raised.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Director, Jeff Hagener, says both sides agree the bison need to be contained.

"One of the very first things that came out of the group in Lewistown that we had last Fall, was that 'free-roaming' was a bad term, and everybody respecting and understanding that, if we're going to have a bison herd, there needs to be some kind of containment. Now, that doesn't mean necessarily a high fence or something, it means that there needs to be a containment protocol. Whether that's natural barriers like cliffs, or water, or something,” says Hagener.

Hagener says the discussion will help develop a process to handle wild herds of bison.