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Group Rescued After Jeep Goes Into Yellowstone River

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The Yellowstone County Sheriff says a jeep accidentally went into the river after 6 o'clock on Sunday night and three people needed to be rescued.

It all started at the end of Sportsmen Park Road near Laurel.

KULR-8 News has exclusive video of the rescue.

According to an eyewitness, four people were in a jeep along the river when they tried to turn around, and it appeared the bank gave way.

According to a deputy on scene, the driver had gone past the high water mark.

The jeep began to float down the river for several hundred yards and finally got stuck in the middle.

The four were able to get out at some point safely.

It appeared one person made it to shore and three made it to an island in the Yellowstone River.

The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office brought out their boat and made their way to the island.

The rescue team then got three people into the boat and brought them ashore safely.

"Well we were kind of useless cause even if we had a tow rope we couldn't get them out because they were floating down so fast. So there was nothing we could do except call 911. So you feel kind of useless but I feel like we did the right thing," says eyewitness Dave Hendrix.

According to Sheriff Mike Linder no one was injured.

At this time, the jeep is still in the Yellowstone River.

We tried to talk to the four people from the jeep, but they did not want to talk to us on camera at this time.