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Cody Plans for Hells Angels

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CODY, Wyo. -

The state of Wyoming is giving nearly $200,000 to Cody police to prepare for the National Hells Angels Run in late July. Police Chief Perry Rockvam says he expects only a fraction of the number of Angels bikers who came to Cody for the World Run eight years ago.

In late summer, 2006, more than a thousand Hells Angels bikers came from all over the world to meet in Cody. Cody police called in help from state and other local law enforcement from around the state.

There were five arrests associated with the World Run. No violent outbreaks. Police Chief Perry Rockvam expects a similar peaceful event when the Hells Angels National Run takes place the last week of July.

Rockvam said, “In 2006, it was World Run, and so, this is a USA run -- a smaller event.”

Rockvam expects around 250 bikers to come to town. He asked the state for financial help to meet the challenge. Governor Mead gave Cody what they asked for: $184,000. Without state help, Cody taxpayers would have footed the bill.

The police chief said, “That helps us not only for our operation, but the city finances.”

Rockvam says other police agencies will come to assist, like they did in 2006, but information to the public will not just be issued in press conferences this year.

Cody Police Public Information Officer, John Harris said, “We want to use Facebook and social media to get information out as far as events that might be planned for Hells’ Angels that might disrupt maybe traffic in the city.”

Rockvam expects the club will stick around the same bar downtown they chose last time.

The Silver Dollar Bar owner, Gail Nace told us in March she doesn’t mind.

She said, “Good time had by all. They were friendly, appreciative.“

The town may have fewer tourists and less business while the bikers are around. Rockvam understands that. But, he doesn’t think people should be afraid.

He said, “If I was concerned in any way I wouldn’t have my family here, but my family will be here doing everything like they normally would.”

When asked why Hells’ Angels keep meeting in Cody, Rockvam said, “I’ve heard they have a fondness for Cody. Our proximity to Sturgis and to Yellowstone National Park fits a need for them.”