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Bank Donates House to Help Improve Community

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A Billings bank donates a house to a local community organization. That organization hopes to rebuild the house and in turn the community around it. Western

Security Bank handed over the keys today for a south side property.

The house was donated to Community Leadership and Development Incorporated (CLDI), a non-profit that works to rebuild homes in the community.

On Wednesday, volunteers began gutting out the house.

They expect to finish the transformation in 6 to 12 months.

Eric Bayse is the Executive Director of CLDI.

He hopes that this house like others they've rebuilt on the street will eventually be an affordable, quality home to a positive family in the community.

"As you drive down,you'll see, there's many houses in need of repair, other homes that have been vacated and need to be torn down, and so what we want to do is rehab these homes we want to beautify the community, provide affordable, quality housing for people in need," says Eric Bayse, Executive Director of CLDI.

"I was born and raised in Billings, this is something that's very nice for the south side of billings, to improve and continue to improve and take over homes and remodel and update and put them back into a useable, viable piece of property within the community," says Jim Walker, President of Western Security Bank.

CLDI has transformed two other houses on the same street with the help of volunteers.