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Girl Scouts Make an Impact at Tumbleweed

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Some local Girl Scouts made quite an impact at Tumbleweed Wednesday evening.

Christy Rockne and her troops gave a vanload donation of food to the organization, which in turn helped the girls earn their Bronze Award.

The Bronze Award is the highest recognition a Girl Scout can receive.

KULR 8 photojournalist, Tyson Adams was there and shows us why they deserve the recognition.

"The ambition that they have shown through all of this has just been amazing and just the amount that they were able to raise was just wonderful."

"What a tremendous gift they gave us and it's really powerful when kids help kids. Youth helping youth and when we tell the youth we serve that other youth in the community have helped them out it just means something different. Often times the youth that access our services haven't eaten for 48, 72 hours. They'll come in here having been on the street and not having eaten, so the one thing that we always offer them when they come to Tumbleweed is a hot meal, at least one and often times it's the only hot meal that they'll get."

"It makes you feel good about what you do to be helpful. I'm sure all the teens will be really happy to see all this food."

"I've been looking forward to this day all year. We've been working hard towards it and they did a really good job."

"If one small Girl Scout troop can gather that much food for a local non-profit, just imagine if everyone in this community contributed. It would be amazing."

Along with the food they donated, the troop also was able to raise $160 to go towards tumbleweed.

Troop Leader Rockne says she could not have been more proud of her Girl Scouts and their hard work to make the donation.