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St. Vincent Healthcare Now Offers MyChart Online Services

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St. Vincent Healthcare is making it a little easier to access your health records these days.

Through the online program, My-Chart, patients are able to look at test results, review diagnostic studies, and double check their medication lists.

Patients that are enrolled now have the ability to get answers to simple questions from their doctors and nurses directly through the program.

Nurse Practitioner, Alana Barber, loves the idea of patients having the ability to be more active with their healthcare.

"It's nice for people to be allowed to check their medication list and verify when they're sitting at home with their prescription bottle saying, well yeah, I really am taking this, or perhaps I need to call them and let them know that this is inaccurate,” says Barber.

Nearly 4,000 patients at St. Vincent have taken advantage of the new service already.

Similar services are offered at Billings Clinic as well.