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St. Vincent Healthcare Opens Student's Eyes to Distracted Driving

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About ten percent of vehicle-involved fatalities, involving teenagers, are caused by distracted drivers according to Eric Fischer with the Trauma Outreach Education Program at St. Vincent Healthcare.

The statistic prompted Fischer and St. Vincent Healthcare to team up with local Driver Education programs, and challenge students to complete a distracted driving course.

“I felt that we needed to go ahead and find a way to intervene with some of these injuries, especially the absolutely senseless injuries that are coming into the emergency room. I felt like we needed to find a way to expose their vulnerability,” says Fischer.

We met a confident Kellen Kinzel, a Central High School student who just received his learner's driving permit, waiting anxiously to take to the course.

"It looks like texting while on the cart might be a little hard, but the small portion of intoxication (Alcohol Impairment Goggles) may be kind of easy.”

Kellen took to the course confidently, but at the same time, realizing it wouldn’t be easy.

He flattened many cones and blew right through a stop sign.

“I don't think I did too well. It was really hard to text at the same time. Yeah, it was awful,” says Kellen about his eye-opening experience.

After completing the course, Kellen says he was very thankful for the opportunity St. Vincent gave him, and he will NOT be texting and driving when he gets his driver license.